About Us

Our partners have each worked in top tier law firms in a number of jurisdictions including the UAE, Jordan, Egypt and the UK. Having collaborated together on cases successfully for several years they decided to join forces to create a firm which would more closely reflect our ethos and values. The partners fervently believe in giving each client an international standard of service at a reasonable local rate.

Our partners believe in expending their energies assisting and resolving our clients' needs, and that a successful law firm must maintain recognisable standards, such as:
•    Being contactable and responsive
•    Updating clients regularly
•    Knowing the law
•    Knowing the arena in which our clients operate
•    Getting to know our clients and their business
•    Proactively suggesting improvements
•    Providing a high standard of work and representation
•    Pursuing clients’ claims as if they were our own
•    Conducting work in the most cost effective manner
We have chosen to be a boutique law firm to focus on our real strengths. That means that we specialise in contentious and non-contentious work within a limited number of practice areas.